I like :reverently dedicated to some person, purpose, or object, could be that sacred hour of meditation or ritual one is dedicated to. Or to regarded with reverence: to hold a space for someone who has touched you in some way. That moment you stop and breath in the fragrance and essence of a rose.  Most importantly and the intention of this post… is to hold sacred and with reverence…  your self and your life. 

What if every moment in life was sacred.. every breath you take, every step you take.. is held as a moment of sacredness.  

This blog is dedicated to { living a sacred beautiful life } after 53 years on the planet it is time for me to share, to put pen to paper, or fingers to keyboard and contribute to beautifying the planet and bringing it back to a sacred vibration where all can be held and live in sacredness. so while some like rumi write so beautifully about the sacred I am attempting to take you there, to give you the keys to the sacred and the first is attention to breath


Every Breath…

The breath is the door way to the sacred , it is with the attention to breath that we step through the mundane 3d world  and into realms of existence where one see, hear, feel and know what one can not sense with out attention to breath. It is here where the sacred lies, where it rests , where the body itself becomes the sacred vessel and yet does not exist at all, all at the same time, where the illusion of time and space melt away.


The breath is what opens us up to the 5 tattvas, senses or voancies,  and yet keeps you in the body. I am addressing the breath for 2 reasons one as it is the gateway , the other is I can not express enough that it is in your body where everything you need to know is stored, we have for a very long  time not trusted our own bodies, we have listened to others and not our self, we have given our power away to those who claim expert or wisdom or abilities. Or some believe it is out of the body where the sacred realms lie, this is not so and there are many who believe, astral travel is where to retrieve higher wisdom, this too is rarely true, in fact I find many who are out of body and not grounded to be a bit delusional and following a form of guidance that is not centered in the heart, as the heart is the truth monitor. There is a space with in the body, with in the physical heart, the tiny space of the heart where everything you need to know is stored. I have a passion for all to be empowered to know for certain who they are, why they are here and how to co-create a sacred life.  Each and everyone of us is a unique frequency, vibration and energy signature and only you can know you, through knowing your soul.

let the breath take you there.


To follow is a meditation I was given in 2000 when I had a spontaneous Kundalini awakening, this was downloaded to me every night in meditation, I had never meditated before this, nor was I doing any form of yoga. My higher self and I communed nightly and this was the first thing I had to master in order to step into the sacred realms.

I give this to you so you may experience the sacred space that is with in your body, as the body is the vehicle in which to traverse the sacred realms.

Come to sitting comfortably and casually either in a chair or meditation pillow.

 Simply bring your attention to your breath..feel , hear and sense the breath this is giving attention to breath, this also calms the mind and relaxes the body when we give this micro attention to breath it gives the mind nothing else to do so the monkey mind can not run amok and take over.

 try not to change your breath or force the breath

 simply bring your attention to your breath as you do long gentle deep breathing

feel your breath go in your nose and through the nasal cavity, simply give all your attention to your breath going in your nose,

stay with the breath at the point of the nose and nasal cavity

 now bring attention to the breath going past your nose through the nasal cavity and down your throat feel the organic expansion of the throat  allow the throat to become like liquid wax, softening and expanding.

 now feel the breath go in your nose down your throat and past your chest to the belly,

gently fill the belly with the breath

 as you continue feeling each breath go through the nose down the throat past the chest and fill the belly gently kindly feel the breath all the way down to the buttox

  now give attention to the breath entering through the nose, into the nasal cavity, down the throat, past the chest fill the belly all the way down to the buttox and NOW feel the breath leave the body in the opposite direction.


 continue …with your complete attention to every micro movement of the breath …feel, hear and sense the breath with an intimate connection to breath and body.


 as a daily practice start with 11 minutes when this is doable work up to 31 minutes  and finally an hour. I could run a huge list of all the benefits of a daily meditation practice maybe another post …for now I leave you with this simple key

live a sacred beautiful life…



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